About ArchitRoom

A home of one’s own is a dream that everyone cherishes at the core of the heart. A home once built is for a lifetime, and it is the place where the happiness and dejections of a family assemble at distinct occasions. It is important that you make this sweet extension of your family a great and innovative turn in your life. Team Archit Room is here to make this dream come true in a smart and better way. With years of experience and great passion in architecture, we bring the distinguished home decors into being. Since every enterprise is assuring their online space, it has become a necessary move for the architecture division as well to possess a strong space online. In order to provide the best services a click away, we have enabledsolutions and consulting services online, through which you get to know the divergent aspects of building a novelhomestead. Realizing the high market potential, along with which misconceptions regarding construction lies, we happened to kick-start this endeavor, where the problem of lack of professional and creative architects are washed off. We make it possible for the middle class to build their dream home with reasonable and same budget, that you keep in for building an ordinary house. We have set a dream of fulfilling and bringing your dreams into reality, through which we spread the inventiveness of the architecture.

Why Us

Since we have high market potential online and the interaction with the clients are of ease in this platform, we tactfully opted the online service in consulting and designing. It is revolutionary that you provide tips and tricks, of furnishing your mansion , online. A common trend which has been observed for past many years is the adoption of the ongoing fashion, which results in the rise of many buildings with recurring structures and designs. There has been this misconception living in the mind of thousands that no innovative and developmental models can be brought under the architecture roof. Team Archit Room is deconstructing this norm which has existed for a long time, presenting the best ever futuristic furnishing sets, along with the consulting assistance of experienced, creative and passionate architects. We also ship the quality interior designing and furnishing products worldwide with the reasonable price. In order to analyze the product price , we have opened up the facility of product price comparison of different brands under different merchants, where you get to grab your wished product at it’s best price. We truly believe, this is a promising endeavor which is going to bring miracles in the home decor sector.


We intent to evolve awareness worldwide, regarding constructing and conserving one’s dream home in the right way, by making them know more about the roof under which they reside. We are also in a pursuit to gather the best architecture products and services under Archit Room to gain global recognition.


Through this innovative step, we aim to bring our illustrious home concepts into existence and create a passion among people to seek the best products and services in any form of construction.